Located in Pennsylvania convenient to Allentown, Philadelphia and Reading, Jz Racecolor offers riders a choice for their motorcycle specific needs. We cater to track day enthusiast looking for a respectable professional presence for their track day excursions. There are an infinite combination of colors and styles that can be had utilizing paint only, paint and graphics or "off the wall" custom techniques.

Defining "race paint"...............Race paint consists of minor panel preparation including   minor filling , epoxy primer, and application of polyurethane enamel.

Don't be fooled by "preprimed" body work.   They always require "attention" and application of a quality primer

Our Polyurethane is a two part paint/catalyst system that dries to a flexible durable finish. Paint is applied with approximately 2-3 coats, dried and sanded between applications,  insuring a full deep coverage. Finish is the lightly polished providing a rich professional finish.

  There is a color book on site that can be used for reference in color choice.  Most opaques and metallics are available but unique colors  may incur minor extra costs .............

Premium finish base coat /clear coat systems ..........Pearls, flip flops, candies, are available if your looking for that extra individuality and highest quality of finish but these system will incur substantial extra cost (extensive hand finishing).

No need to worry about rashed or damaged bodywork. We Fix em! and at significantly lower cost than replacement. You'll be amazed at what can be repaired so bring it in and we can give you a quote.


Look for us at a Track Day near you!

General pricing on clean bodywork

$150.00/panel (ex. lower = 1panel.....upper = 1panel)
Package pricing

One color..... 5(6) pieces ....upper, lower(s), tank, tail, fender.... $575.00......

2 colors minor masking.......... $650

3 colors minor masking.............$700

Painted yellow or white Number plates included!

Graphics extra.

Clear coat on graphics extra